About Us

Hi, I'm Gebhard, I started Véloro to help people discover and enjoy the sport of cycling. Especially road cycling as that’s my personal passion and primary area of expertise. I’m here! I answer the shop phone personally and am happy to chat about a new bike, fitting, upgrades, or service work. Bring in your road, triathlon, or gravel bike for a tune-up or other mechanical needs. As an experienced mechanic, I’ll take care of your machine.

Each brand we carry creates well-engineered bicycles and components, stands behind their products and offer a fair value with a deep heritage.

I stock, or can get quickly, just about any bicycle component. I'm a Campagnolo expert and fan, can talk about wheels for hours, work with Shimano and Sram components daily, know the pros and cons of various powermeters, am an expert wheelbuilder, and take my handlebar tape wrapping very, very seriously.

Finding the perfect bike for you starts with a conversation about bikes you’ve had (if any), the type of riding you’ve done in the past, and what you’re looking for in your new bike. Let’s talk first and schedule an appointment to determine your fit profile and discover which bikes fit you the best. It’s all about bike fit, which is more important than the brand name. Finding out what bike brands really fit your body will ensure your new bike will be comfortable, climb well, and inspire on descents. 

Test riding a bunch of bicycles without having them all set to the same fit profiles, well, that’s test riding fit, rather than the bike. Let’s work within budget together to ensure you get the best value and most enjoyment out of any bike you choose. I started when I was very, very young so forty years in the business has provided me great insight on what latest technology actually adds to the cycling experience and what may be just different for difference sake. Our collaboration, I’m sure, will give you the best bike for you.

Ride on!